Ownership Strategies

For founders and families-in-business, owning and managing a business is a lifelong commitment. A transfer of management control and ownership to succeeding generations involves more than just passing shares, wealth, and estates. It entails passing on family values, customs, and culture.

At Equations, we help you carve out governance frameworks, corporate structures, and risk mitigation strategies befitting your family’s long-term objectives, generational changes, and business needs.

    We assist owner-families, founders, and promoters to:

  • Align or restructure ownership patterns by merging or splitting businesses and shareholdings with a long-term view
  • Identify, select, and mentor family members and non-family professionals as future leaders and play a responsible role as controlling owners and promoters
  • Prepare policies and protocols to minimize the possibility of conflict among beneficiaries during and after the lifespan of the senior generation
  • Design suitable financial and ownership structures for capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, stock exchange listing, and exit planning

Succession and Inheritance

Transfer of inheritance to children is not only about the estate, wealth, and tax planning. It involves passing on the family’s culture, history, and traditions. Therefore, choosing successors from within or outside the family and relinquishing control requires forethought.

We at Equations provide our clients with a holistic approach to business continuity and family wealth protection. Our expert advisors help owners and families plan a no-hassle transfer of family assets, ownership, and inheritance to the next generation.

    We assist HNI families, entrepreneurs, and individuals to:

  • Identify suitable vehicles such as Family Office, Private Trust for preserving and multiplying wealth with an objective of legacy building
  • Prepare Will, guardianship designation, incapacity and retirement plan, gift deeds, release deeds, and charitable plans
  • Evaluate estate planning options including formation of a holding company, re-titling of assets, cross-holding of shares, and family settlement agreements
  • Maximize estate value by minimizing disputes and litigations, legal costs, taxes, expenses, and unclaimed assets


Philanthropy and CSR

Successful families pass on their core values of gratitude and philanthropy to future generations. “Giving-back” has been an integral part of our social ethos. A growing number of socially responsible family-owned enterprises are using environmental security, social upliftment, and nation building objectives to pursue philanthropy strategically.

By using the right frameworks, companies can identify environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts of their operations. They can develop corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives that mitigate reputational and business risks.

    We assist business families, corporates, and Family foundations to:

  • Develop and implement ESG criteria for protecting the environment, establishing relationships with stakeholders, and enhancing governance through internal controls, audits, and leadership
  • Conduct an impact assessment of existing CSR programs, develop a CSR strategy, and recommend the most efficient mix of CSR expenditures in alignment with the corporate goals
  • Establish suitable formal structures like family foundation, charitable trust, and philanthropic fund
  • Update the CSR committee and the Board on planned and achieved targets, events, and prepare CSR reports