The challenge of successful
Family businesses

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Mita Dixit

Here’s why women estate
planning is essential

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Namita Agarwal

The great indian corona Story version 2.0

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Ashok Barat

The 5gs of family business
– book review

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Arunima Haldar

Conflict in family business
– a case study

e-Maze is a typical family firm with caring practical, Yet authoriative father and a loving, ambitious, modern son Read More

Mita Dixit

Family governanance

India Inc. is advancing to be at the forefront of the global economy. The backbone of the economy Read More

Mita Dixit

Mentoring the next gen of india

Sunil Kulkarni was in a pensive mood. In the last six months, the situation Read More

Mita Dixit

Decoding the generation gap

Suddenly, there was an awkward silence. After a few seconds, some whispering started Read More

Mita Dixit