Growth Strategies

In a rapidly changing environment, productivity and sustainable growth are vital for the continuity of the business. Entrepreneurs and promoter families must be prepared for future challenges in order to remain competitive and innovative.

We assist business owners in identifying new opportunities, building brands, making data-driven decisions, and creating wealth. Our business diagnostics and strategic planning help leaders analyse risks and returns on investment, develop growth strategies, and reorient the organization towards maximizing value.

    We work with owner-families and their organizations to:

  • Increase efficiency of sales, marketing, CRM, and finance functions through customized audits and practical recommendations
  • Conduct market research and feasibility studies to identify new products, services, and markets; prepare project reports for start-ups and guide them for funding
  • Develop comprehensive marketing plans, Go-to-market strategy, and help implement strategies to scale up the business
  • Evaluate customer perceptions, buying behaviours, brand positioning; create and execute branding strategy and digital marketing campaigns

Organizational Transformation

Family business leaders are often faced with the challenge of balancing the winds of change which affect their organizations while maintaining core values. An organizational culture that promotes professionalism is essential to thrive in complex and uncertain environments.

Our mission at Equations is to assist owner-leaders and successors in managing human capital, maintaining values, and transforming their organizations into sustainable, professional enterprises.

    We work with owners, Leaders, and management teams to:

  • Diagnose gaps between actual and desired performance through an unbiased analysis of the organization's culture, policies, processes, people capabilities
  • Create a unified vision and mission, identify core values, formulate shared goals, and design an organizational structure in alignment with business goals
  • Develop and align roles, responsibilities, HR processes, and key performance indicators; assess employees' competencies, coach executives for leadership
  • Enhance the efficiency of HR systems, processes, and management information systems; become “digital ready” to optimize profitability and productivity


Board Effectiveness

Family-driven companies and privately held enterprises can achieve great success with professional work culture. An effective management of the Board and corporate governance structures are the keys to professionalization. Dynamic families create Business Boards to unlock their strategic value and gain the support of their stakeholders.

Family-business boards help promoters and family members harness their commitment, build a legacy, plan succession transitions, and enhance communication between family and non-family executives.

    Our experienced advisors assist families, promoters, and Boards to:

  • Develop appointment criteria for Board members and key executives; select and induct family executives for key managerial positions
  • Identify and appoint independent directors and non-executive directors, coach family and non-family executives for Board positions
  • Design Board evaluation parameters, facilitate board members to conduct productive meetings and value in the boardrooms
  • Evaluate and recommend governance processes to improve board efficiency and business performance