Workshops and Coaching

To stay ahead in the fast-changing world, family business leaders and their teams harbour a quest for innovative ideas and a desire to acquire new skills. Multi-generational families offer a talent pool that can be developed and nurtured through skills-building programs and coaching.

At Equations, we prepare family members for their journey of growth and transformation through educational inputs and personal coaching. Our customized learning sessions for family members of different age groups, especially the next-gen scions, help enhance skills and role clarity, manage conflict constructively, and stay connected with their family roots.

We coach family executives and their teams to unleash their hidden strengths and sharpen behavioural skills. Our bespoke workshops for owner-families, management teams, and business communities focus on team building, communication and conflict management, effective Board governance, and women leadership.

Events and Academics

Industry conferences, seminars, and events provide a platform for participants to learn, exchange ideas, and network with colleagues.

As knowledge partners, we work with industry associations, business forums, and educational institutions to organize seminars, roundtables, and conferences for entrepreneurs and the family business community.

With a deep understanding of family businesses and academic pedagogy, we design family business management courses and case studies for teaching.

Our advisors are thought-leaders and dynamic speakers with incredible experience in their specific domains, making their keynote addresses and panel discussions immensely insightful.



Family-Business Research

Our advisors have extensive backgrounds in family business research and academia. They are acknowledged for their conceptual understanding of family-business dynamics and contemporary issues.

As generations grow, younger members lose contact with their heritage and ancestry. We help families document and preserve their stories, struggles, memories, and legacy across generations.

As a learning resource for future generations, we document the experiences and lessons of founders and family businesses through case studies, articles, publications, and videos. Our case studies are taught in renowned family business programs in India and abroad.

With our extensive experience in family business research, we collaborate with industry associations and consulting firms to conduct syndicated research on a wide range of family business issues.