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Mentoring family businesses to lead and shape the future

Family businesses play a vital role in the economies of the world. In spite of inherent strengths, they are vulnerable to conflicting demands of family, business, and ownership.

As family business advisors, we believe, for business sustainability and family harmony, it is crucial to align family’s diverse aspirations, business goals, and ownership intents. We facilitate business-owning families to build a culture of family and corporate governance, navigate next-generation transition, and unlock growth potential.

Our customized processes and governance structures help promoter families and management teams increase cohesion, bring clarity in roles, and manage conflict. As mentors, we work with clients to build legacy family businesses where values are transferred from one generation to another, ownership is given a deeper meaning beyond power and wealth, and businesses are built that will outlive generations.

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Is your family business ready for the New Normal?


Family businesses are facing multiple challenges and risks due to unprecedented, uncertain times. Planning for succession, managing change in the organization, and enhancing people performance are complex yet essential.

We are passionate about helping owner-families and their businesses reach the next level of success. Our astute, experienced advisors will be happy to assist you in solving your multiple challenges related to family dynamics, business and organization, ownership and succession.

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  • The Team Equations is driven by passion and pragmatism. Our consultants understand the DNA of family businesses and address emotional and behavioural challenges of the family along with growth, governance, and financial concerns of the business.
  • Our advisors have deep insights into family dynamics, business complexities, and ownership structures. They are domain experts with decades of experience across the globe working with renowned business families.
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Building a legacy family business … the 5Gs way


Co-authored by Walter Vieira and Mita Dixit, The 5Gs of Family Business, is not just a book. It is a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs, families-in-business, inheritors, and promotors with an urge to grow at 5G speed in this VUCA world!

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