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Think beyond Growth and Continuity

Equations Advisors is one of the leading family business advisory companies in India. We help single and multi-generational family businesses unlock opportunities, navigate the path of generational transition, and create a culture of governance to reach the next level of success.

As trusted advisors, we engage with owner-promoter families and offer integrated solutions for their family, business, ownership challenges. We enable families create legacy enterprises that will outlive generations and most importantly, elevate family enterprises to a new paradigm of excellence.

Our Areas of Expertise

Family Governance

Next-gen Transition

Succession Planning

People and

Conflict to Collaboration

CSR and Philanthropy

Our Approach

We guide and facilitate family businesses with an innovative and multi-disciplinary perspective. Our 20+ years of experience, fresh and unbiased approach, and balanced outlook help fill blind spots that owner-families or executive teams may have overlooked.

We facilitate families and their organizations to unleash hidden potential and develop capabilities, mentor next-gen successors to innovate and lead while upholding family values and legacy.

Professionalize for Enduring Success

We help you address challenges of professionalizing your family business by...

  • Aligning family and business vision, strategies, roles, and goals
  • Managing differences and enhancing harmony in the family
  • Developing Family Constitution, Family Agreement, and Family Board
  • Building an agile organization with structures and processes
  • Inducting and mentoring next-gen members for leadership
  • Separating management and ownership perspectives and practices

Meet Our Team

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

Henry Ford

Our consultants and advisors have deep insights into family dynamics, business complexities, and ownership structures. Our team members address emotional and behavioural challenges of the family along with growth, governance, and financial concerns of the business.

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Building a legacy family business … the 5Gs way

Co-authored by Walter Vieira and Mita Dixit,The 5Gs of Family Business, is not just a book. It is a Global Positioning System that keeps owner-families on the right path and in the right direction – now and in the future. It inspires entrepreneurs, promoters, successors, inheritors, and their families with an urge to grow at 5G speed in this VUCA world.