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Why Equations



Why Equations

  • For us the matter of pride is, owner-families and leaders turn to us as experienced and trusted advisors who would not only hold a mirror to them but also provide expertise and knowledge on the best practices across the world.
  • At Equations, our outlook is practical and futuristic with a strong research background
  • We are a team with breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in multidisciplinary fields of business management, strategy, operations, innovation, human behaviour, law, psychology, and philanthropy.
  • Our passion, dedication, and commitment add incredible value to client families and companies.

Our Values

Our Philosophy



By choosing to associate with us, you get yourself a confidant with no vested interests. Our aim is to find you best solutions and strategies to tackle your predicament in a confidential manner.


While we are objective in our operations, we also display sensitivity in our interactions as we understand that business also involves emotions, attachment, and trust among family members. We listen and strive to understand spoken and unspoken challenges faced by clients.


Our focus on helping family businesses in multiple areas is not only about giving advice but also being accountable for its execution. We hold hands of entrepreneurs, promoters, and organizational teams to achieve desired milestones in a time-bound manner.


Our relationships with clients are nurtured on the foundation of confidentiality. We respect privacy of data and information shared with us by our clients. We do not use clients’ names or their views in public or use them as testimonials without their permission.


We believe in building harmonious and balancing equations with our clients, partners, associates, stakeholders, and the world around us.