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The 5Gs of Family Business

Authors Speak

The 5Gs of Family Business is an inspiring book for first to third generation family business owners (FBOs) with an urge to grow at 5G speed in this VUCA world! Running a successful family business is not about having a professional degree or capital; it is about a dream, a vision, a goal and a deep desire to fulfil these.
This book is an amalgamation of management theories and practice, anecdotes and stories, fitted into a 5G framework that are the essential pillars for the foundation of a successful family business: Genesis, Growth, Gen-next, Governance and Giving back.
FBOs must increase their cumulative knowledge and deepen their understanding of the complexities of running a family business to enable their elevation from SMEs to big enterprises and for big enterprises to stay relevant and benefit not just the family but the community and nation.
Walter Vieira & Mita Dixit

What Our Readers Say

"The 5Gs of Family Business" is an awesome book and crisply loaded. The cumulative experience of both authors can be found to reflect in conceiving the idea of 5Gs and link it to family firms in a VUCA paradigm. As a reader I found the book superbly engaging and has rich information to orient the reader with FBs. The conceptualization of 5G is novel and covers a broad spectrum of issues for family firms in India. Recommend it to readers, who are either directly or indirectly linked with family businesses.

It was a real treat to have such a simple yet powerful book from Mr Walter and Ms Mita! Case studies and examples have been relevant and the complementary to the context. It has added immense value to my profession as well. I will not only recommend this to my network, but will also " GIFT " to few of my close contacts!

Well written in a simple and lucid language with real life case studies. Very useful for business families who look to leave behind a legacy.

Amazingly well-written, so readable and flows exceedingly well. The little snippets, stories, and vignettes from Mita's experience as a family business consultant and advisor, no doubt, make the lessons packaged in it so much easier to absorb and retain. As a family business researcher and scholar, I would recommend this book as a must-have reference book on your shelf. Consultants and family business owners would also find this book such a valuable learning encyclopaedia. Highly recommended.