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Saumya Dixit

Saumya Dixit

Process Consultant & Executive Coach

Saumya is a senior consultant with about twenty years of experience in systems, processes, automation, HR management, and executive coaching. She has worked in the financial services sector, Indian stock exchanges, and management consulting.

At Equations, Saumya is in charge of conducting business and internal process audits for client organizations. She develops user-friendly systems and processes for core business functions such as sales, CRM, HR, purchases, projects, and accounts. Her expertise lies is integrating systems and processes to create a smooth flow of information and decision within departments and across the organisation. She has an in-depth understanding of database management.

Saumya has a penchant for psychology and coaching. She is a certified NLP practitioner and a behavioural and Emotional Intelligence (EI) assessor. She is Masters in Finance Management and Masters in Commerce from Mumbai University. During her corporate career spanning across fourteen years, she worked with National Stock Exchange (NSE), United Exchange, and CMIE.

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