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Philanthropy and CSR


Philanthropy and CSR

Family businesses are historically known to have a deep sense of gratitude toward society and humanity. “Giving back” their resources, profit, and wealth for the welfare of employees, stakeholders, and the community is in the DNA of founders and controlling families

Families build legacy enterprises by transferring their core values of gratitude and generosity to succeeding generations. Philanthropy and charitable giving by way of money, time, talent, and commitment are the building blocks of long-lasting family businesses.

We guide owner-families, family foundations, and corporates to maximize the impact of their philanthropic and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives with positive, and measurable results. Our experience spans across a broad-spectrum not-for-profit activities and programs for environmental, economic, and social sustainability. Our expert advisors help you evaluate the financial, reputational, and social impact of philanthropic activities.

We offer the following services for philanthropic and CSR initiatives:



 Philanthropy and Governance

  • Conducting a Philanthropy Audit to evaluate efficiency of ongoing programs and designing strategies to build social capital
  • Aligning philanthropic purpose and objectives with the owner-family’s core values, aspirations, legacy, and long-term perspectives
  • Recommending suitable structures like family foundation, charitable trust, philanthropic fund, and creating a portfolio of high-impact projects
  • Designing corporate communication, strategic marketing, and events to connect with communities, updating the Business Board on philanthropic initiatives
  • Measuring impact of investment against defined objectives by developing financial and operational systems and processes

 CSR and Impact assessment

  • Conducting a holistic assessment of the business, core values and objectives, funding, stakeholders, and identify niche areas for CSR
  • Developing and implementing CSR strategy as per statutory norms and corporate objectives while maintaining governance standards
  • Suggesting a right mix of CSR spending through suitable initiatives, selection of NGOs, and project execution partners
  • Guiding and mentoring CSR committee to set targets, manage, and coordinate delivery of CSR projects, audits, and reporting
  • Performing periodic Impact assessment of existing CSR programs and recommend improvements as required