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Ownership & Succession


Ownership and Succession

Owning a business is a lifelong role and a deeply personal commitment for entrepreneurs and owner-families. Ownership and succession planning are the foundations for building business sustainability and family legacies.

Ownership transfer from one generation to another is not only about Estate, wealth, and tax planning. It involves passing on family ethos, culture, and customs. Therefore, choosing successors from within or outside the family and relinquishing control requires forethought.

At Equations, we help you carve out ownership strategies, structures, and succession plans befitting your family’s long-term objectives, generational changes, and business needs.

We develop protocols to mitigate the possibility of conflict among beneficiaries during and after the lifetime of senior generation. Our mentoring helps successors play responsible roles as controlling owners and leaders.

We assist  business families in ownership, succession, and estate planning as follows:



Ownership Restructuring and Succession Process

  • Developing ownership and succession plans in the context of the family’s culture, next-generation, business structures, and assets
  • Integrating ownership and family governance by preparing shareholder agreements, family settlement agreements, family charter, constitution, and dividend policies
  • Guiding owner-leaders in financial and ownership restructuring, PE funding, merger and acquisition, stock exchange listing, and exit planning

Estate Planning and Trust Formation

  • Evaluating estate planning options including formation of a Private Trust, restructuring companies, re-titling of assets, and family settlement agreements
  • Maximizing estate value by minimizing disputes, legal costs, taxes, expenses, and unclaimed assets
  • Assisting in preparation of legal Will, guardianship designation, incapacity and retirement plan, gift deeds, release deeds, and charitable plans

Family Office Development

  • Helping established, high net-worth families identify suitable vehicles for preserving and multiplying wealth with an objective of legacy building
  • Defining the purpose and objectives of the family office in alignment with the family’s long-term ownership perspectives
  • Identifying, selecting, and coaching family members and non-family experts to run the family office effectively