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Ownership & Succession

Ownership and Succession

Owning a business is a lifelong role and a deeply personal commitment for entrepreneurs and promoter-families. Families have ownership preferences, from retaining a complete ownership and control of the business to separating ownership and management with non-family professionals running the business. Some families prefer to remain investors and others manage the business with a sense of trusteeship.

With transfer of business ownership from one generation to the other, there is also transfer of wealth and assets. For business sustainability, choosing successors and relinquishing control requires forethought. Successors need to play a responsible role of owners rather than taking their position as a birth right, an entitlement.

At Equations, we help families develop ownership strategy, succession, and estate planning to mitigate the possibility of conflict among beneficiaries during and after the lifetime of senior generation.

Our services for Ownership, Succession, Inheritance

  • Evaluate family’s values, long-term objectives, succession options, and implications of laws to develop a suitable ownership strategy
  • Suggest appropriate ownership structures to families for their core and diversified businesses
  • Create or redefine shareholder agreements, family agreements, ownership policies as an integrated governance mechanism
  • Assist owner-promoters in strengthening the Board by selection of directors and professionals, establishing a Family-Business Board for transparent decision making
  • Guide in financial restructuring, enhance business valuation for PE funding, M&A, stock exchange listing, or exit planning

  • Create management and ownership succession plans considering family and business objectives,business growth strategy and next-generation’s aspirations
  • Develop criteria for business successor selection, identify potential candidates, and help the Board in selection process
  • Coach next-generation successors to develop competencies to manage the business professionally
  • Facilitate a smooth generational transition in the Board and in the organization

  • Facilitate the family to communicate sensitive issues, expectations, and develop a family agreement in case of joint holding of assets
  • Evaluate estate planning options including formation of a Private Trust, restructuring companies, re-titling of assets
  • Maximize estate value by minimizing disputes, legal costs, taxes, expenses, and unclaimed assets
  • Assist in preparation of legal Will, guardianship designation, incapacity and retirement plan, gift deeds, release deeds, and charitable plans

Build an Everlasting Legacy

Family businesses are going through strategic and structural changes to adapt to the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world. Ownership dimensions and structures are changing with professionalization and globalisation of business enterprises.
Succession and estate planning are the foundations of long-lasting businesses and family legacies. Our qualified and experienced advisors help you develop ownership, succession, and inheritance plans tailored to your family’s needs.