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Namita Agarwal

Namita Agarwal

Advisor-Succession & Estate Planning

Namita is a lawyer and a company secretary with experience in Succession Planning spanning over a decade. She provides specialized and personal advice to Equations’ clients – business families and high-net-worth individuals who hold wealth across various asset classes and across geographies.

Namita guides privately-held family businesses on succession planning and asset protection needs. Her expertise is in understanding the family business dynamics and proposing succession and estate management strategies by taking into consideration the complex business structures, religious laws, succession laws for each class of assets and cross-border succession laws applicable in India.

Namita also has an expert in creating Wills and Private Family Trusts for smooth transmission of large estates to legal heirs. She focuses on crucial aspects of protection and succession of assets and helps in appropriate planning to mitigate the risks associated with succession.

Presently Namita is Assistant Vice President (AVP) at Emkay Wealth Advisory Ltd.

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