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Knowledge Initiatives

Knowledge Initiatives

For businesses to stay ahead in the fast- changing world, their leaders and employees need to harbour a quest for innovative ideas and a desire to acquire new skills.

At Equations, we hand-hold family managed businesses in their journey of growth and continuity. Our knowledge initiatives encompass education, research, and family-business network building.

We conduct transformational workshops for families and organizations, and executive coaching for owner/promoters and management teams.

We partner with industry and trade associations, educational institutes to organize family business conferences, seminars, and provide keynote speeches.

We conduct family business surveys, interviews, focus groups for consulting firms and industry associations. Family businesses tend to have illustrious entrepreneurial journeys and resilience to overcome upheavals. We document the journey of business families through case studies and legacy documents.

Our Knowledge, Education, and Research Initiatives

Our customised workshops are tailored to suit the requirements of clients and the nature of their problem. We partner with educational institutes and industry associations to plan, design, and deliver workshops for their members from family businesses.
We conduct workshops that are insightful and provide practical perspectives to participants. We specialize in:
  • The Vision Workshop – customized for family businesses
  • Managing Conflict – for families and organizations
  • Effective Board Management – an experiential workshop for owners and Board members
  • Professional Communication - for start-ups and entrepreneurs
  • Women in family business – a leadership development workshop

Seminars and conferences provide a platform for learning, exchanging ideas, and networking with people in associated sectors. As knowledge partners, we associate with industry and trade associations, business forums to provide educational resources to their members.
We design and structure seminars, round-tables, and conferences targeted at the family business fraternity – nationally and globally.
Speaking Engagements
Our senior advisors are dynamic speakers with incredible experience in their domains which makes their keynote addresses and panel discussions immensely insightful.
They delve on the topics of changing paradigms of family businesses, family governance and succession challenges, managing conflict, and building a legacy family business.

We provide exclusive coaching to owner-promoters, successors, Board members, and CXOs to unleash their hidden potential and develop leadership capabilities.
Our unique family-coaching process helps family members of different generations and age groups align their personal and collective priorities, objectives, and build healthy relationships.
Our senior team members specialise in coaching owner-families and individual members pursue and realize their aspirations.

Family businesses have unique advantages and significant contribution to local communities through philanthropy, employment generation, and capital creation. They also face complex challenges of succession, governance, and professionalization.
At Equations, we are passionate to understand the genesis and distinctive characteristics of individual family businesses.
  • We conduct customized research on family business related issues in partnership with industry associations, consulting firms, and educational institutes.
  • We document the journey of family owned- businesses through written material, videos, and memories for those who wish their legacies to be documented.
  • We develop case studies for the family’s personal reference or as learning material for educational purpose.

Building a legacy family business: The 5Gs Way

Our signature workshop for business-owning families

The workshop is designed for multi-generational families desiring to build a legacy enterprise.
Through a proactive and practical approach, we take the family through the 5Gs framework to develop and execute a family and business road-map for success and continuity.