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Family Dimension

Profit and perpetuity are the primary objectives of every family business. As the generations grow, owner-families need to balance...

Business Dimension

In a rapidly changing environment, productivity and sustainable growth are vital for the continuity of the business...

Ownership Dimension

A transfer of management control and ownership to succeeding generations involves more than just passing shares, wealth, and...

Knowledge Dimension

Multi-generational families offer a talent pool that can be developed and nurtured through skills-building programs and coaching...


Building Blocks for Success and Continuity


Create a coherent and progressive family team

Communicate, share, build team-spirit, align aspirations. Learn to handle difficult conversations and challenges as a family-in-business.


Navigate the business to the next level of growth

Prepare the next generation for leadership, plan and execute competitive business strategies, develop organizational capabilities.


Establish a robust governance structure

Define and document the family's values, Code of conduct, policies. Develop Family Constitution for transparency, fairness, harmony.


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To Shape the Future

Family businesses are known for their resilience and agility. Yet they are vulnerable to family, business, and ownership dynamics. Balancing the equations of relationships, management roles, succession, and wealth are crucial for the success and sustainability of family enterprises.

As family business advisors, we facilitate multi-generational families in aligning their values, vision, business roles, and ownership objectives. We assist family executives, management teams, and Boards in creating a culture of governance and professionalism.

Our mentoring helps next-generation scions unlock their growth potential, become entrepreneurs and leaders to shape the future of their family businesses.

We partner with client families in building legacy businesses where values get transferred across generations, ownership is given a deeper meaning beyond power and wealth, and enterprises are built to outlive generations.

About us


Experience. Wisdom. Passion.

The Team Equations is a rich blend of experienced advisors, practicing consultants, and professionals from diverse fields. Our team members are thinkers, authors, facilitators, and coaches with impeccable educational backgrounds and international work experience. We are committed and passionate about working with families and their organizations to create a difference.

Our advisors have decades of global experience in various fields such as family governance, change management, business strategies, organizational development, finance, estate planning, philanthropy, wealth management, and conflict resolution.

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How to Thrive in a Challenging Environment

Unprecedented times have thrown multiple challenges at family businesses. At the same time, a plethora of opportunities have emerged. Our decades of experience indicate successful family businesses know how to navigate and thrive in a challenging environment.

As owner-promoters, are you looking for ways to grow the business and manage the family harmoniously? Are you planning to pass on the leadership baton to the next-generation?

Call us for a complimentary online meeting with our expert advisors and get unbiased, practical suggestions for your family, business, and ownership challenges.