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Family Workshops and Events


Family Workshops and Events

For family businesses to stay ahead in the fast-changing world, family leaders and teams need to harbour a quest for innovative ideas, and a desire to acquire new skills to be future-ready.

As families grow, alignment of family vision, beliefs, and business roles becomes crucial. Family members offer a talent pool that can be developed and nurtured through skills-building programs and coaching.

At Equations, we prepare family members for their journey of growth and transformation through educational inputs and training. Our customized workshops and mentoring help individuals excel in their roles in the family, and in the business.

We partner with industry and trade associations, educational institutes to design and organize online and in-person seminars and conferences targeted to the family business community. Our advisors are well-known speakers at national and international forums.

Our workshops and events targeted to the family business community are:



Customized Family Workshops

  • We conduct specially designed workshops for family members, and management teams to enhance their skills, develop a sense of belongingness, and nurture entrepreneurial instincts
  • Our workshops are insightful and engaging with practical perspectives. We offer the following signature workshops:
    • Building a legacy family business, the 5Gs Way  –a unique workshop for owner-families intending to build strong and sustainable family businesses
    • Family Vision and Values Workshop – customized for owner families
    • Managing Conflict and Building Cohesive Teams – for families and organizations
    • Women in Family Business – a leadership development workshop for women

Seminars and Events

  • Seminars, conferences, and events provide a platform for learning, exchanging ideas, and networking with people in related sectors. We associate with industry associations and business forums to provide educational resources for family business members
  • As knowledge partners, we design and conduct seminars, round-tables, and conferences on digital as well as in-person platforms, targeted at the global family business fraternity.
  • Our senior advisors are thought leaders and dynamic speakers with incredible experience in their domains, making their keynote addresses and panel discussions immensely insightful.