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Family Governance

Family Governance

To ensure smooth and efficient functioning of the business over years and generations, it is wise for owner-families to develop internal policies so that the family’s decision-making is not subjected to the whims of individual members.

Prudent families prefer a culture of best practices by drawing boundaries between family owners and management, and build transparency with regards to the business and wealth. A governance structure ensures that all of this is achieved without compromising on family bonding and harmony.

At Equations, with our intense experience working with families of siblings and cousins, we find the challenge is to balance individual’s interests, distribution of wealth, and emotions. We facilitate client families to have constructive conversations on sensitive matters, mitigate unpleasant conflict, and develop a family governance mechanism.

We help owner-families build a culture of governance

  • Facilitate the family to identify values and expectations, create a Code Conduct, and norms for behavior
  • Develop guidelines and policies on delicate topics related to family’s ownership, succession, inheritance, wealth
  • Design a set of rules and guidelines for family’s involvement in the business
  • Create processes for open and transparent communication, protocols to resolve disputes

  • Encourage family interactions and informal meetings to discuss and implement governance policies
  • Coach and train family members to conduct formal Family and Board meetings
  • Organize family retreats and outbound camps to increase trust, respect, and bonding among family members including extended families and family branches

  • Create a family governance structure by drafting a formal Family Constitution defining family’s rights, responsibilities, and family agreement to deal with known and unknown situations in future
  • Guide family members to execute the Family Constitution by designing a suitable governance mechanism including Family Council, Family Assembly, and Family Board
  • Assist family members in conducting formal meetings and family retreats

  • Evaluate the need and benefits of setting up a single or multi-family office for HNI clients for investment management, philanthropy, and other activities that are not related to the business
  • Ensure interests and wealth of families are not impacted by business challenges
  • Create a structure such that individual members have the freedom to follow personal interests, hobbies and lifestyles

Family-first or Business-first?

What comes first, family or business?

Prudent families know that it is not about selecting one over the other, but recognizing what is best for them.

Successful families across the globe have adopted governance practices and tools to balance family’s aspirations, business objectives, and ownership structures to create long-lasting businesses.What are these practices? How will they benefit your family and business?

Allow us to help you find answers.