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Family Governance


Family Governance

At the core of every family business, are the intentions of profit and perpetuity. To realize these, owner-families need to strike a balance between conflicting demands of family and business.

For multi-generational families, the key to family harmony and business prosperity is Family Governance. The foundation of legacy businesses is built by creating boundaries between ownership and management with transparent policies and processes.

We guide owner-families in developing a culture of governance by aligning diverse aspirations, conflicting goals, and overlapping roles. Our facilitation process leads to constructive communication, especially on sensitive matters of the family, and helps mitigate conflict.

Our method of developing Family Constitutions and governance structures helps families to take wise decisions for the family’s well-being. Families are prepared for future contingencies while preserving values and wealth.

To build and sustain a culture of governance, we assist owner-families in the following areas:


Evolving the Culture   

    • Diagnosing the family’s expectations, priorities, values, and involvement in the business from an unbiased perspective
    • Facilitating families to articulate a common purpose, identify core values, define the family’s vision and mission, and align aspirations with business goals
    • Developing guidelines and processes for family members’ involvement in the business and accountability as family professionals

Family Constitution and Governance Structures

  • Engaging families holistically in developing a Family Constitution by identifying important and necessary matters, defining policies related to family, ownership, succession, and wealth
  • Drafting a Family Constitution by defining the family’s values, code of conduct, rights, responsibilities and rules to deal with known and unknown situations and uncertainties
  • Designing suitable governance structures including Family Council, Family Board, Family Agreement, and guiding family members in implementation

 Communication and Conflict Resolution    

  • Identifying triggers of dissonance and differences among family members, establishing protocols for managing conflict and improving interpersonal communication
  • Organizing family meetings and retreats; conducting customized workshops to enhance team spirit and bonding among family members across generations
  • Helping owner-families through conflict resolution, mediation, and out-of-court settlement in the event of severe emotional, financial, branding, and inheritance disputes