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Family Governance

Family Governance 

At the core of every family business, are the intentions of perpetuity and profit. To actualize these, owner-families need to strike a balance between conflicting demands of family and business.To ensure smooth functioning of the business across generations, we work with owner-families to build a culture of governance that enhances trust, transparency, and harmony among family members and branches of families.

We facilitate multi-generational families to create boundaries between ownership and management by aligning their diverse ambitions, differing objectives, and overlapping roles through a robust governance structure.

Our unique process of developing policies and Family Charter/Constitution helps families take prudent decisions, communicate constructively on sensitive matters,  and prepare for future contingencies.

To build and uphold a culture of family governance, we assist owner-families in the following areas:


    Building a Culture of Governance

  • Assessing family’s expectations, priorities, capabilities, and involvement in the business with an unbiased perspective
  • Facilitating families of siblings and cousins to articulates common purpose, shared vision, and core values to build family legacy
  • Aligning family members’ ambitions, business goals, ownership and wealth objectives with a long-term outlook
  • Developing guidelines and systems for family members’ involvement in the business and accountability toward the Board as family professionals
  • Enabling a safe environment for family members to express differences, take decisions, and manage generational transition

    Family Constitution and Governance Structures

  • Engaging families holistically in our customized process of creating a Family Constitution and governance structure
  • Drafting a formal Family Constitution by defining family’s rights, responsibilities, and policies to deal with known and unknown situations in future
  • Drafting a Family Constitution by defining family’s rights, responsibilities, and policies to deal with known and unknown situations in future
  • Designing suitable governance structures including Family Council, Family Assembly, Family Board, and Family Agreement with Formal and legal documentation
  • Counselling family members for smooth implementation of policies and processes and conducting effective meetings
  • Reviewing and redefining family policies, processes, and structures with changing needs of family members

       Conflict Management and Mediation

  • Identifying triggers of dissonance, differences, and influence of multiple factors on family and business dynamics
  • Recommending protocols for effective inter-personal communication and coaching family members to manage conflict
  • Organizing Retreats and outbound camps to enhance bonding and sharing among family members of various age and generations
  • Helping owner-families undergoing severe emotional, financial, branding, and inheritance disputes by initiating dialogues and negotiations
  • Developing a conflict resolution process and out-of-court settlement through mediation while ensuring confidentiality