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CSR and Philanthropy

CSR and Philanthropy

Environmental, economic and social sustainability stimulate business growth and therefore conscientious businesses give back to the ecosystem that enables them to thrive in.

Business-owning families are historically known to fulfil their responsibilities toward employees, communities, and the country through various charity programs and philanthropy.

We at Equations, believe philanthropy is one of the core values of enterprising family-owned businesses. We understand social values and commitment of enterprising families and corporates. We guide families and companies to plan and maximize the impact of their philanthropic and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, making the practice of “giving” more structured and effective.

Comprehensive Services for Your CSR and Philanthropy Programs

We help Family Foundations and Corporates plan and actionize CSR and Philanthropy programs to ensure long-lasting impact.

  • Conduct an unbiased philanthropy audit to evaluate efficiency of existing initiatives
  • Align philanthropic objectives with the owner-family’s values, business goals, and long-term planning
  • Develop innovative philanthropy strategies to build social capital and family legacy
  • Build a portfolio of high-impact and sustainable “giving” projects and programs
  • Design corporate communication, strategic marketing, and events to connect with communities
  • Measure impact of investment against defined objectives and develop implementable solutions for a long-lasting impact
  • Update the business Board and family Board on inputs and impact of philanthropic initiatives

  • Conduct a holistic assessment of the business and stakeholders to identify niche areas for CSR
  • Develop practical CSR strategy aligned with core values of the business
  • Evaluate the right mix of CSR spending through various charity and philanthropic initiatives
  • Identify and select suitable organisations for project execution on the field
  • Guide and mentor CSR committee to set targets, manage, and coordinate delivery of CSR projects, audits and reporting
  • Document CSR programs and publish company’s CSR report
  • Perform periodic Impact assessment of existing CSR programsand recommend improvements as required

‘Giving Back’ to Move Forward

Successful founders and families have a deep sense of gratitude and ‘give back’ their resources and wealth for the welfare of the humanity and planet earth. Giving back …

  • provides a purpose in life
  • strengthens the sense of community belonging
  • reinforces values and culture of “giving” in the family and helps building a legacy

If you desire to contribute to the wellbeing of the society, call us to know how we can help you build your social capital.