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Conflict Management

Conflict Management

For continuity and prosperity, family businesses need to tide over differences that may emerge among family members, siblings, cousins, and even family members and non-family executives, on either personal or professional grounds.

In owner-families, conflicts arise on several accounts; absence of a common vision, poor business performance, ego and authority clashes, generational transition, resentment on profit sharing. Conflict, if not addressed timely, can threaten family’s unity and business continuity.

At Equations, our team offers an unparalleled expertise on helping owner-families manage conflict within the family, and also in the organizations. We take a practical approach to conflict management, based on our extensive research on conflict in family businesses.

We help you Manage Conflict

As trusted advisors, we listen. We help families identify roots of conflict and guide in using conflict management techniques effectively.

  • Evaluate dissonance and triggers of conflict among family members and stakeholders
  • Understand the family’s challenges, priorities, and impact of multiple factors
  • Assess the family’s approach and conflict management behaviors
  • Identify root causes and critical issues of disputes disagreements

  • Create a safe environment to express disagreements and discuss sensitive topics
  • Develop protocols and processes for effective communication
  • Structure solutions to address and mitigate conflict in family and in business
  • Facilitate family meetings, outbound retreats, and open forums to enable bonding and harmony

  • Help owner-families undergoing severe emotional, financial, branding, and inheritance disputes, initiate a dialogue and negotiations
  • Develop a comfortable conflict resolution process while ensuring confidentiality
  • Experienced and qualified advisors to suggest suitable processes, negotiate, and guide families through an out-of-court settlement

  • Help family members of different age groups and generations to develop mastery over conflict management skills
  • Prepare the family to identify early signs of conflict and manage it before it becomes bitter
  • Coach family members individually and in groups to achieve their aspirations through collaboration

Harnessing the Power of Conflict

We believe, conflict is good for family businesses when it is harnessed into positive energy. It requires insights and skills to build consensus from conflict.
Our advisors Mita Dixit and Ashok Barat are experts in conflict management and conflict resolution through mediation. To develop skills for “Conflict to Consensus” in the family and at the workplace, connect with us for exclusive workshops and webinars.