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Business Growth Strategies


Business Growth Strategies

In rapidly changing business environment, companies are constantly pushed by competition, technology changes, and demanding customers. Family businesses are agile, yet winners are those who are resilient and progressive.

For owner-families, sustainable growth is essential for business continuity. Changing market dynamics, adopting new technologies, implementing growth plans effectively, and managing expectations of the next-generation are the complex challenges families face in their business growth journey.

At Equations, our strategic approach helps you take an objective view of the ongoing business, identify growth opportunities, analyse risks, and prepare for exponential growth. We facilitate you to rethink and re-imagine the future of your business, identify key value drivers, and focus on productivity and profitability.

To develop and execute winning growth strategies, our services are:



 Business Diagnostics and Marketing Audit

  • Diagnosing on-going business on multiple parameters to identify reasons for growth or degrowth and gaps in expected and actual performance
  • Conducting Marketing Audit to assess effectiveness of sales, customer service, and marketing functions with ROI perspective
  • Evaluating business risks, recommending corrective measures and improvement in marketing systems and processes

 Business Planning and Growth Strategies    

  • Developing growth and scaling-up strategies in alignment with the corporate vision and objectives to achieve desired outcomes
  • Assisting leaders and management teams in formulating Business plans and execution programs, identifying opportunities for expansion and diversification
  • Guiding family leaders and non-family professionals to design innovative strategies for turning out business units facing survival challenges

 Market Research and Feasibility Study

  • Conducting Consumer research to profile target segments, identify buying behaviours, and measure customer satisfaction
  • Evaluating market and industry potential by studying the size, growth, demand-supply, opportunities and threats of the market and the industry
  • Conducting market feasibility studies for Industries and India entry studies for foreign companies planning to enter Indian markets