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Business Excellence

Business Excellence

We live in a fast-changing and uncertain industry landscape. To keep businesses thriving in a globally competitive environment, leaders strive to achieve business excellence. They adopt outstanding practices in managing growth and empowering people.

Success comes to businesses that are resilient and flexible to the changing environment. Expansion and diversification of the business, technology adaptation, building cohesive and capable teams are the key factors for business excellence in the New Normal era.

At Equations, our team of consultants and advisors have extensive experience in managing and leading businesses across several industries and countries. We assist small, medium, and large sized enterprises achieve business excellence by focusing on strategy, innovation, people, profitability, and performance.

Our Services help you achieve Business Excellence

  • Diagnose business plans, strategies, and processes to identify gaps in aspired and actual performance
  • Develop corporate vision, mission, and values. Align leadership goals and business objectives to achieve excellence
  • Assist in strategic planning, evaluate expansion and diversification
  • Identify dysfunctional areas of business operations and realign them to fit business objectives
  • Prepare the organization for leadership transition, transformation, and professionalization

  • Diagnose organizational culture to identify gaps in achievement of goals, people performance, and organization’s capability
  • Align organizational values, structure, objectives,processes and practices
  • Recommend suitable interventions and help execute them to achieve organizational excellence
  • Design roles, responsibilities, performance measurement criteria, compensation plans, HR policies and processes for employees across the organization
  • Facilitate the top management team to develop best practices and lead the organization through change management and transformation

  • Conduct marketing audit to review effectiveness of marketing, sales, customer service, and channel operations and identify gaps in actual and expected outcomes
  • Guide marketing team to expand existing markets, enter new markets, increase product portfolio and launch new products/services
  • Create growth strategies with a focus on Return on Marketing Investment (RoMI) in context to current markets, competition, and future trends
  • Develop new sales processes, or improve existing processes from lead generation to product delivery, pricing and discount policies, distribution strategies,and customer relationship systems
  • Assist in sales force recruitment, training, deployment, and product/brand promotional campaigns

  • Consumer research to profile target segments, understand purchase behavior and attitudes, measure customer satisfaction levels, and gauge promotions effectiveness
  • Industry assessments to identify industry and market size, growth rate, current and future trends, demand, supply, competition, opportunities, and critical challenges
  • Market research and feasibility studies for new products/services, green-field projects to identify target segments, their needs,competition, and opportunities-risks assessment
  • India Entry Viability studies and project reports for foreign companies intending to enter Indian markets

  • Create a formalized Board structure including owner - family members and non-family professionals, especially in privately held companies
  • Build a culture of Professionalization through well designed systems and processes
  • for owner-family members in alignment with the organizational goals, structure, and policies
  • Develop Succession planning process for leadership and board positions
  • Facilitate consensus and decision making in leadership teams

Your Quest for Excellence!

Create and execute outstanding practices in managing your organization and achieving results.

Prudent leaders frequently lean on strategic inputs from external professionals with specialised skills and knowledge of the business environment around the globe. Learn from our advisors how world class companies have evolved their practices of excellence.