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About Us


About Us

  • At Equations, we understand the complexity and sensitivity involved in driving family businesses where owner members not only share an objective, profit-pursuing relationship but are also connected by emotional bonding.
  • Since our inception, we specialize in assisting entrepreneurial and multi-generational family businesses. We help our clients balance challenges of overlapping business and familial ties, prepare families for generational transition leading to continuity, and guide organizations to develop capabilities and achieve excellence.
  • We take pride in mentoring our clients to build legacy families where family values are transferred from one generation to another, ownership is given a deeper meaning beyond power and wealth, and businesses are built that will outlive generations.

Our Journey

Equations was founded in 1998 by Lalit Mahajan and Mita Dixit, two professionals with rich corporate experience. The objective was to guide small and mid-sized businesses (SMEs) sustain and grow as they battled stiff competition from local and global peers.
In over two decades, we have grown and emerged as a leading family business advisory company with deep insights and experience in the family business domain.
We have guided numerous businesses across industry verticals in India and neighbouring countries to leverage growth opportunities, mitigate family challenges, and transcend existing performance standards.

Our Journey



Founded in 1998 as a management consultancy firm helping entrepreneurs and family businesses on marketing strategies, market research, HR policies, and people performance.

Spreading Wings

In 2010, expanded management consulting services to help business families create a culture of family governance and manage family dynamics.


In 2018, formalized our business into an advisory company dedicated to the family business sector. We offer strategic consulting, advisory services, implementation support, coaching, and mentoring to owner-promoters, their families, and organizations.