Who We Are

who-we-are The globalized Indian economy offers a plethora of growth opportunities to enterprising businesses. Yet, to stay ahead of the curve in a competitive environment, the businesses have to keep raising the bar of performance.

Equations specializes in guiding businesses to raise their bar of performance, reach the next level of growth and sustain across generations.

Since our inception in 1998, we are providing pragmatic solutions to client companies across multiple industries and customer segments. Our association leads to increase in market share, improvement in people performance, enhanced profitability, and identification of new opportunities for growth.

Mentoring SMEs

We partner with SMEs to create a growth trajectory, build organizational capabilities, and foster a spirit of innovation for moving up the corporate ladder with enhanced performance and professionalism.

Facilitating Family Businesses

We guide Family Businesses for a planned transition of leadership to the next-generation.Our endeavour is to facilitate transformation of family owned-and-managed businesses into a new avatar of professionally-managed businesses while upholding family values, bonding, and legacy.

Enriching Leadership

Our unique Leadership Enrichment and Development (LEAD) programs are designed for the leaders – entrepreneurs, owner-promoters, next-gen successors, and decision makers in the organizations. We facilitate leaders to recognize and unleash their hidden potential, enrich their leadership style to handle challenges effectively, take calculated risks, and scale up businesses to new levels.


To be the trusted advisors and mentors to businesses aspiring to move to the next level of growth and sustain across generations.


“In the race of enterprise supremacy, it is not so much being at the right place and time, but creating the right place and time”. Our mission is to steer business leaders on a path of ascent by pursuance of this truism.


Our values originate from our fundamental beliefs in integrity, ethics, and respect.
  • We strive for trust from our clients to facilitate seamless execution with accountability and commitment.
  • We ensure sincerity and professionalism in interacting with our stakeholders.
  • We abide by confidentiality in dealing with information shared by our clients.

Our Capabilities

Our expertise and capabilities are built on a strong foundation of rich multi-industry experience, understanding of the DNA of entrepreneurs and family businesses, a strong conceptual base and analytical approach.

Using proprietary tools, we help families in business untangle complexities of family-business-ownership-leadership dynamics. A repertoire of our unique marketing strategies and tactics has catapulted our client companies and their brands to the forefront.

The Winning Edge

  • Enablers of growth, productivity, prosperity
  • Solution providers for business complexities
  • Thought leaders on next-gen entrepreneurship
  • Strategists with innovative perspectives

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