Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Strategic Planning is the blueprint of success for any business. Yet, it poses a challenge to business leaders as they are continuously inundated with the onslaught of competition, demanding consumers, and technology advances.

The Need

To cope up with the rapidly changing environment, Business Planning becomes an essential tool. However, if the ‘strategic aspect’ is missing in planning, the results are detrimental. Companies may over utilize resources or experience delays in target achievement or compromise on performance standards.

We understand the need for strategic planning, especially for SMEs driven by entrepreneurs and owner-families. We address three aspects of strategic planning:
  • Market growth planning for established, on-going businesses
  • New venture planning for India entry, expansion, diversification, and startup projects
  • Transformation planning for leadership transition and corporatization

The Process

We carry out Strategic planning as a comprehensive, systematic process and embody it in a Business Plan,
a structured document. Strategic planning involves:
  • Defining the organization’s vision, values, core strength and goals
  • Appraising internal operations, resources, market opportunities and competition
  • Identifying ‘gaps’ between the perceived and real performance of the organization
  • Creating strategies and developing executable action plans with budgets
  • Mapping talent, evaluating people competencies and developmental needs

The Result

Our strategic planning process results in…
  • A collective vision and clarity in organizational goals, roles, strategic intent
  • Strengthened capabilities of marketing, customer service, and human resource
  • Rational organizational structures, well defined information flow and decision processes
  • Constant, real time monitoring of internal performance and tracking of market changes
  • Preparation for leadership transition, new financial and ownership models

Path to Success

  • Align corporate vision, goals, and strategies
  • Build marketing capabilities, sales acumen
  • Create a Values driven organizational culture
  • Discover opportunities for sustainable growth

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