Market Research

Market Research In a competitive market environment, prudent companies take decisions based on market research and market intelligence to minimize risks and focus on market demands.

Equations provides insightful and incisive market research solutions to companies eager to delve deeper into the hearts and minds of their consumers, explore new opportunities for growth, and evaluate risks and challenges of business ventures. We have an expertise to conduct research in the areas of entrepreneurship, family businesses, and SMEs.

Our Niche

We help companies to look beyond conventional solutions for business problems by using research to...
  • Measure the pulse of the consumer, their behaviours and preferences
  • Develop market intelligence to gauge market and competition forces
  • Identify gaps and loopholes in products/services, customer relationship management
  • Enhance communication with customers, vendors, channel partners and stakeholders
  • Assess opportunities to launch new products and services, enter new markets and target segments

Research Expertise

We use a mix of qualitative and quantitative research techniques to find facts and get accurate insights about research problems. Primary data is collected through field surveys, on-line surveys, one-on-one interviews, focus groups, mystery audits, projective techniques and experts’ panels.

Statistical analysis is our forte’. Our team of consultants and advisors are expert statisticians, economists, and strategists providing research output not only diagnostic but also developmental and action oriented.

Research Areas

Consumer Research
  • Target Segment Identification and Profiling
  • Purchase Practices and Acceptance Measurement
  • Attitudes, Perceptions, and Preferences Survey
  • Branding and Communication Effectiveness Study
Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Voice of external and internal Customer
  • Customer Service Quality Audit
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey and ‘gap’ Measurement
  • Stakeholders’ Satisfaction Survey
Product Research
  • Product concept/design Evaluation
  • Attributes and Features Study
  • Price sensitivity and Product Perception Mapping
  • Prelaunch Testing of a new product/service
Industry Feasibility Study
  • New venture/market Evaluation
  • Trends, Demand and Supply Assessment
  • Industry competitiveness, players, and Policies
  • Prelaunch Testing of a new product/service
India Entry Viability
For foreign companies intending to enter Indian markets with their products/services/concepts, we conduct an India Entry Viability study enumerating...
  • Size of the market, growth rate, trends, and short to mid-term projections
  • Objective assessment of favourable factors and criticalities of entering India
  • Evaluation of competition, Government policies, statutory norms, seasonal factors
  • Target segments identification, consumer behaviour, cultural nuances
  • Strategies for trade channels, franchise, associates and joint ventures
  • Financial projections, investment, revenue, and budget estimates, break-even, cash flows, and return on investment
  • Project Report as per the guidelines of banks/financial institutions/investors

Industry Specialization

Real Estate and Construction


Retail and Shopping Malls


Industrial and Engineering Products


Path to Success

  • Align corporate vision, goals, and strategies
  • Build marketing capabilities, sales acumen
  • Create a Values driven organizational culture
  • Discover opportunities for sustainable growth

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