Leadership Development

Leadership Development Leadership and entrepreneurship are the concepts strongly associated with family businesses. The founding generation gains success through its exemplary leadership skills and entrepreneurial instincts. However, with changing time, leadership skills also require to be honed.

Equations has expertise in developing, grooming, and mentoring leaders at both, ownership and management levels.

Mapping the Leadership Potential

After a decade of experience and research in family business consulting domain, we have developed unique methods to gauge leadership skills of business owners, promoters, entrepreneurs and next-gen successors. Our Self Discovery Lab “LOVE” is a unique experience for Families in Business for their Leadership-Ownership-Values-Evaluation.

With scientific assessments, we help incumbents identify their personalities, attitudes, behaviours, and communication styles. In congruence with roles and responsibilities of human resource in organizations, we map their talent quotient, identify gaps, and design training and development initiatives to fill the gaps.

Developing Leaders

We believe that leadership is an art of influencing people and need not be linked with authority or power. It can be learned through motivation and team spirit. For veteran business owner-promoters and entrepreneurs, we conduct Leadership Enrichment workshops. For family business scions and next-gen decision makers, we conduct customized Leadership Development and Executive Coaching programs.

For leadership development across the organization, our inbound and outbound training programs are focused on the development of soft skills, managerial skills, problem solving, communication skills and conflict management.

Transition to Transformation

  • Synchronize family aspirations, values, roles
  • Enrich next-gen leadership, professionalization
  • Inculcate family governance for best practices
  • Balance family, ownership, control dynamics

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