Family Business Consulting

Family Business Consulting More than 70 percent businesses in India are family owned and managed, largely from small and medium sized segments. Besides facing challenges of managing change in a volatile environment, the owner families also face the inevitable challenge of generational change.

At Equations Management Consulting, we understand the DNA of family businesses. We hold hands of family businesses to recognize their inherent strengths and discover what is possible. Our facilitation helps in transferring leadership to the next generation while preserving family’s integral values and promoting kinship.

Empowering Families in Business

In our role as the independent and confidential advisors, we work with families of single or multiple generations. Each family business is unique, yet successful family businesses depict some common values and practices. We recognize the success factors and drawbacks of family businesses and help them to create a Road-map for progress, peace, and prosperity.

Our Niche

We have developed unique, proprietary techniques through our rigorous research and extensive experience for…
  • Addressing family-business-ownership-leadership issues
  • Developing Code of Conduct and protocols to inculcate best family practices
  • Enhancing interpersonal communication and transparency; defining family members’ roles, responsibilities, and rewards

Our Services

An innovative consulting approach for client family businesses encompasses :
  • Aligning vision, values, and goals of the family and the business
  • Creating family governance structures: Family Constitution, Family Board
  • Professionalizing management with non-family executives, experts in the top team
  • Managing generational change through succession planning; developing next-gen leaders
  • Facilitating the family on decisions of business restructuring/division/exit planning

Research, Workshops, Seminars

With an objective of building a ‘family business community’, we share our knowledge and expertise in the form of :
  • Leadership Enrichment workshops – to unleash the hidden potential of families, owner-promoters, and next-gen leaders
  • Knowledge Partnership – aligning with education institutes, industry associations and corporates to organize conferences and seminars
  • Collaborative Research –qualitative studies and analytical research on family businesses, SMEs, and entrepreneurship

Transition to Transformation

  • Synchronize family aspirations, values, roles
  • Enrich next-gen leadership, professionalization
  • Inculcate family governance for best practices
  • Balance family, ownership, control dynamics

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