Equations Management Consulting
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Goregaon (West), Mumbai-400 104, India.
Tel. : +91 22 2871 3656 / 40144503
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For moving up the ladder of Success and Professionalization of your Family Business, we facilitate you to...

  • Synchronize diverse ambitions, goals, and personalities of family members

  • Create a unified Vision and common objectives for the family and the business

  • Identify triggers of dissonance and establish conflict management protocols

  • Inculcate Family Governance mechanism for transparency and best practices

  • Plan a Road-map for succession, sustainability, and generational transition

  • Develop leadership skills and business acumen of Next-Generation successors

  • Map talent, build people competencies and enhance organizational performance

  • Induct non-family executives and advisors to professionalize the work culture

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